Welcome to OUr virtual tour

During these uncertain times, we have provided a virtual opportunity for our visitors to learn and experience from. In the following tabs, you will be able to venture through a self-guided tour of the museum with seven zones to experience. Each zone has a video with an audio recording highlighting certain people, places, artifacts, and/or historical structures.

The purpose of the zones and traveling through them chronologically is to adjust visitors’ perspective from a “fixed mindset” to a “growth mindset,” while presenting various important historical figures and creations in Black history. The first few zones showcase Gaston County and North Carolina history in general, and then the following zones feature national and global history. This is to represent how local and global Black history correlates. 

We hope you enjoy the tour and are able to share the knowledge you have acquired with others. Please return to us soon.

Explore Zone 1

Explore Zone 2

Explore Zone 2: Gaston County Municipalities (Townships) 

Belmont, Bessemer City, Cherryville, Cramerton, Dallas, Dellview, High Shoals, 

Lowell, McAdenville, Mt. Holly, Ranlo, Spencer Mountain, Stanley

Explore Zone 3

Explore Zone 3: Windows of Knowledge

A Range of Digital Devices and Hands-on-Learning.  The area is dedicated to our youths.  In this Zone, our young people will learn about the scientists, inventors, advocates, and events that affected the lives of African Americans in a positive way.  And, this journey will provide them with the determination to persevere despite the obstacles.

Explore Zone 4

Explore Zone 4: Island of Rotating Exhibits and Displays (Special and Seasonal)

Special Events, and Seasonal Displays , African American Read-In, The Coretta Scott King Book Awards, Juneteenth, Kwanzaa, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Black History Month

Explore Zone 5

Explore Zone 5: Little Korner Bookshop

The Korner Bookshop features local African American Authors, as well as works by regional and national authors.  The shop partners with local vendors, to promote and sale some of their goods and products.  


Parents will find some of the best African American Literature written and illustrated for children.  And, for the nostalgic group, the BB Bat, Kits, and Bit-O-Honey Candies can be found on the checkout counter.

Explore Zone 6

Explore Zone 6: Free Standing Panels – The Arts, Public Services, and Faith-based

The free-standing panels spotlight leaders that helped pave, shape, and mold Gastonia/Gaston County – the best of what they always wanted in their history and culture.

Explore Zone 7

Explore Zone 7: 

“Look Where He Brought Me From” – Nostalgic

“If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.” -President Barak Obama