zone 1: Gastonia & Highland History

This is the first zone of the museum and the backbone of Gastonia history. Zone 1 represents the historical achievements and accomplishments made by men and women living or have lived in Gastonia. The African American men and women featured in this zone range from business leaders to educators that all made notable contributions to Gastonia and Gaston County.

Zone 1 also contains headshots of major influencers of Gastonia including, but not limited to: the three mayors of Gastonia, the first councilwoman elected into office and the first African American mail carrier in Gastonia.

Zone Transcription

Welcome to the beginning of the tour, Zone 1- Gastonia and Highland History. 

To start off, One of the major African Americans featured in this zone is Dr. Herbert Erwin, Sr., who was the founder of the Negro Colored Hospital. Along with his medical profession, Dr. Erwin was an avid baseball fan and was made responsible for the Negro Baseball Team to play in Gastonia. The Erwin Center and Park was named after him.

Also, the city of Gastonia is home to some influential Gaston County politicians. The first ever Gastonia mayor who was also an educator was T. Jeffers. Following Mr. T. Jeffers, Mr. Glendale Brooks took office. The last and current mayor of Gastonia, Mr.Walker Reid, won his second term in November of 2019. In addition, Donyel Barber became the first councilwoman to ever be elected into the Gastonia City Council.

Thank you for visiting Zone 1